The Pavilion

Since 1978 Labour Day celebrations have been taking place every year on May 1st in the old gravel pit in Hvalsø.

After the celebrations in 1994, the local trade unionist Poul Ricard Christensen set up a working party with members from the Culture Caravan, the local union and Roskilde Technical College in order to replace the former improvised stages with a pavilion.

There was a call for the pavilion to be accessible to various user groups, so an open-air stage was decided upon.

The first turf was cut on March 1st 1996. The 50 square meter floor was cast in one turn, and students from Roskilde Technical College started work on the ambitious copper roof.

The carpenter apprentices started working on the underlying wooden constructions, and the plumber apprentices on the copper roof which was then joined to form the octagonal roof from 4 elements by metal workers.

The entire project was made possible through the voluntary efforts of many groups and individuals and with financial contributions from the sponsors mentioned in the list.

The pavilion was inaugurated on September 21st 1996.