The Liberation Stone

The Resistance and the Liberation Stone, May 5th 1945.

During the German occupation of Denmark from 1940 to 1945, a resistance group was formed in Hvalsø by workers from the State Forest Service. They collected arms and paratroopers dropped by Allied planes.

The fields around Valborup Skovridergård was one of the dropping zones on Zealand and in retaliation the Germans bombed the farmhouse of the forester farm in Valborup in 1944.

The leader of the group Poul Kristiansen, tenant of Hvalsø Sawmill, was arrested by Gestapo on November 11th 1944 and deported to the concentration camp at Neuengamme, where he died on March 29th 1945.  Memorial plates for Poul Kristiansen can be found at Hvalsø Churchyard and at Ryvangen Memorial Park, Copenhagen.

Another active member of the Resistance, farmowner Erik Briand Clausen from Vernersminde, was forced to go undercover in the autumn of 1944. Yet he was arrested by Gestapo on March 8th 1945 and shot at Ryvangen on March 29th. He is buried at Ryvangen Memorial Park.

The Liberation Stone in Hvalsø was unveiled in memory in 1946.