Holbækvej 2

The property was built as a single-storeyed house late in the 1890’s by the national association Arbejde Adler*.

It served as residence for unemployed people who were put to work in the forest in return for diet and lodging. Here they were given the chance of a new start – without alcohol and with a word of God on the way.

The project never proved a success, so in 1903 the property was sold to Assistant Professor V.F Bech, who established Hvalsø Private and Secondary School with his daughter ?Suson? as principal and teacher.

With access to lower secondary education (GED), Hvalsø advanced among other market towns along the lines of education, as a GED guaranteed better wages and opportunity for further studies. Only the private school fees were high and public subsidies low so in 1920 the school was forced to close down.

The property was then sold to grocer Harold Petersen, who added another storey to Holbækvej 2 and moved his grocery here from Hvalsø Hotel in 1925.

*Arbejde Adler is the name of a national association whose work is based on Christian values like dignity, self-respect and charity.