The Bird

“Bird”, the sculpture by the station.

Ole Christensen’s stone sculpture, Bird, was unveiled on September 25th 1997 by the former Minister of Culture, Ebbe Lundgaard.

The sculptor, Ole Christensen, from Bornholm was invited to form a sculpture that would capture the mood of the station square with its bustling people and many commuters.

Ole Christensen chose “Bird”, saying “Bird came out of a boulder which, for a long time, I didn’t really know the scope of, but one day I saw the bird and then the rest came to me”.

The boulder consists of 3 kinds of granite, red Rønneby, blue Halmstad from Sweden and Bornholm granite.

“To me the bird is a symbol of freedom and perspective, soaring it beholds the ground and keeps track of anything that happens – though as a resident bird this specimen does not have the freedom of migration”. (Ole Christensen).

The stone mason Ole Christensen (1932-2000) was born in Copenhagen but moved to Allinge-Sandvig on Bornholm in 1956. He is also the artist of ‘Columns in Water’ raised in the local lake, Hvalpesøen.